Health Benefits Related To Hiring A Job Coach

26 November 2019
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Hiring someone to provide you with career coaching is generally associated with a shift in careers and heading in a direction that is a better fit for your skill set. However, you probably did not know that job coaching can also benefit your health! While the career coach is not a doctor and does not prescribe or suggest anything to make your health better, the coaching he/she provides will, in fact, affect your health overall. Here is how and the health benefits you will experience. 

Improved Emotional Mood

Working a job that makes you miserable may also cause you to be very depressed. If you find that getting out of bed to go to a job you hate every day makes you want to sit in a corner and cry or scream in a hostile manner at your coworkers, there is a pretty good chance that you are depressed. There is also a pretty good chance that your job is to blame. As you begin working with a career coach to find a better job and succeed in finding a job you love, you will find that you are beginning to experience a dramatic upward shift in mood. 

Less Bad Stress

When you love your job, you will have less bad stress. You may still experience stress, but it will be a good stress because you will not mind doing the work that you do. Experiencing bad stress tends to make you angry, tired, and filled with pain or fatigue. Good stress makes you tired but very content because you are doing something positive and tiring yourself out doing what you love. You can thank your job coach when you get there.

Less Physical Discomfort, Pain, and Fatigue

When you are stressed, your body crunches up. Your shoulders sneak to your ears and stay there, and your head hunches lower as you glower. You slump with the unintentional expression of trying to hide behind your desk at work. Sitting this way, day after day, eventually results in a lot of fatigue, pain, and discomfort. It also leads to digestive problems because you are sitting with such bad posture. The weird part is that it is all in response to a job you would rather not do. Changing your career path to one you will enjoy with the help of your career coach alters how you carry yourself, how you sit, and how much less physical discomfort you feel. 

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